CARL Source Factory:  global solution for the management of industrial production equipment and infrastructures (CMMS -Asset management). To manage all processes linked to your industrial equipment and general assets: preventive, curative, regulatory, contracts, budget, quality, energy etc.

CARL Source Factory benefits:  - All maintenance processes: preventive, curative, predictive, security.; Incorporation of basic maintenance (TPM)).  Automatic integration of regulatory reports. ; Graphical planning of resources (authorizations, permits ...). ;  Monitoring and traceability of fixed equipment and linear assets ; Customizable graphical indicators (MTBF, OEE, etc.) ; Budget control ;Interactivity via .DWG diagrams (AutoCAD®), geographic information systems (ArcGIS®), building information models (BIM); IoT platform: connected objects, real-time optimization of equipment. ; Digital twins of equipment. ; Built-in connectors to ERP, CAPM and MES software.

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Industrial IT solutions / CMMS - Computerised Maintenance Management Systems

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