4Cast - Bearing Condition Monitoring System
4Cast - Bearing Condition Monitoring System - On show

Review bearing information from the convenience of your office. Monitor bearing condition 24/7 and tell 4Cast when to send a report. This unique, system continuously logs bearing data and bearing sounds.  At pre-set intervals, all stored data and sound samples are sent to a computer for reporting and analysis.

How often do you want 4Cast to sample a bearing? System flexibility allows users to pre-set how often a bearing will be tested: by the minute, hour, day, etc.

Customize your report intervals

Data and sound recording transfer rates are customizable so that while the data are routinely recorded on the 4Cast box, a report containing only the latest information will be sent to Ultratrend DMS (UE Systems data management analysis and reporting program).  Reporting frequency can be set by the user (for example, once a week, month or year).

Set your alarm levels

Alarm levels can be set to provide a low alarm and a high alarm.

Analyze how and why the alarm went off.

  1. When a set alarm level is reached or exceeded, the system will send previously logged data and recorded sounds directly to Ultratrend DMS for review.
  2. After an alarm has been restored, all data and sound recordings stored during the alarm period can be set to transfer to the computer for more detailed analysis and reporting.

Each 4Cast box monitors up to four bearings.

The 4Cast works together with UE Systems Remote Access Sensors (RAS).

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