Ultraprobe 2000 ATEX
Ultraprobe 2000 ATEX - On show

Analog Ultrasound detector with frequency adjust for quick and accurate inspection with ATEX certification

The industry’s most comprehensive analog ultrasound instrument with ATEX rating!

The Ultraprobe® 2000ATEX flexibility and adaptability easily adjusts to meet a wide range of testing demands. This intrinsically safe instrument tests for leaks as well as performs mechanical and electrical inspections.

Find compressed air and faulty steamtraps & prevent machinery failure.

Why Choose this instrument?

  • Easy to use
  • Frequency adjust possibility 20-100 kHz
  • Accurate analogue meter with meter mode function
  • Ideally for point & shoot trouble shooting
  • For use in ATEX or EX zones without the need for exempt work permits

Intrinsically Safe / ATEX:
FM & CSA approved intrinsically safe: Class I, division 1, groups A-B-C-D
ATEX group IIC
CE approved
Concerned gasses: methane-propane-ethylene-acetylene-hydrogen
See the Certification section for a copy of a certificate for your review.

The Ultraprobe® 2000ATEX also enables data reporting through three modes: through auditory channels (via a headset that has been specifically selected for heavy duty industrial use), through a uniquely designed bi-modal analog meter, and through the ability to interface with vibration analyzers, & sound recording devices via the heterodyned output.

The Ultraprobe® 2000ATEX can be adapted to test any problem in operating equipment with such features as:

  • FREQUENCY TUNING enables a user to tune into problem “sounds” while minimizing background interference.
  • METER MODE selection adjusts the meter response from a real time response to an averaging response. This feature allows accurate adjustments for leak detection and for mechanical analysis.

The Ultraprobe® 2000ATEX can heterodyne ultrasound into audible range providing accurate sound reproduction.
Sensitive only to ultrasonic frequencies, the Ultraprobe® 2000 will not respond to the low frequency noises often associated with most plant equipment. Therefore, the instrument can be effectively utilized in very loud factory environments.

This unique instrument offers a unique & accurate listening experience for your troubleshooting needs in ATEX required zones!

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